regarded as outcast of the society hence the prim and proper kind never dared to cross the line. Nowadays, people are more open to changes thus there are now tattoo designs for women that are hitting the scene like a storm. Many women now would wish to have their own tattoo because they think that it will make them sexy and more attractive to the opposite gender, which is actually true.

Here are the tattoo designs for women:

1. One of the most accepted designs for women is the butterfly which is normally inked as a lower back tattoo. For one, the butterfly is an extremely popular symbol as it is used as a representation of hope and new life. A butterfly basically symbolizes a lot of things which may further cover the issue of rebirth or reinvention. This is even a good symbol to represent the transformation of a woman from being a girl into a beautiful and fine lady.

2. Another option is to paint stars on the body. Star is used as a symbol of hope during the darkest of times. It is used to say that there is hope in life as long as we are living. Sometimes, this is even used as a representation of a goal thus people who wish to become someone or reach something would ink a star on their body so that hey are always reminded of the goal they need to achieve.

3. There is also the flower which works well as tattoo designs for women. No matter if it's a seductive rose or a charming daisy, women can surely get flowers so they can ink their body something that will symbolize their femininity.

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