Many people are happy with your body art. Tattoo is art to adorn the body and tattoos have many designs, each year there are always new. Below is a list of some of the most popular Tattoo Designs for 2009 and its meaning.

1. Tribal Tattoo Design - Hard to knock this design from the top of the hill. This design is a native of America's most requested designs between Men and Women.

2. Nautical Star Tattoo Design - Coming in at number 2 is all powerful Nautical Star Tattoo. The symbolism of these tattoos come from the sailors when the sky and the sky navigation charts for the first time. Nautical star tattoos, usually two, there are places in their chest area. They were there to help guide them in their journey back home, so they will not get lost at sea.

3. Butterfly Tattoo Design - Dominating the number 3 is the all-time favorite is tat. Butterfly tattoo is a symbol of change and beauty. For most people it means a new beginning in their lives.

4. Cross Tattoo Design - Number 4's Cross Tattoo. The main meaning for this design is a religious, but some darker meaning was recorded. Examples include a particular hatred groups using the cross on their foreheads and a badge of honor in the brutal hits being implemented.

5. Rose Tattoo Design - Rose Tattoo take the 5th and final position in this article. Rose tattoo is the main woman is a beautiful tattoo. Red roses is meant to represent life and represent the spirit of blue roses.

All the tattoos are specific and personal to all who made the decision to have one. Make sure you choose a good tattoo models and you like so you will not be disappointed with the results and so that you can appear more confident.

By : Wijaya

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