After Julia decides to conclude the love rope between himself and his former husband. On last Monday (16/03) Damien give keteranggan official around fate hubunga him with Julia Perez. Take place in the Café comedy, Kuninggan Southern Jakarta Damien claims still really love the Wife and not beniat to be apart from the embrace of Julia Perez. For Damien, Julia is all of them.
Moreover this French birth man, proudly aims Tatto the Japanese letter in tanggan left him that is significant the name of ‘Yulianti Rahmawati ‘ alias the original name of Julia Perez. “Istri I cannot be eliminated from inside the heart like tato on my left hands, he said proudly. This in do Damien to win again the heart of the artist who is on the rise this. Although admitting to not yet meeting Julia Perez, Damien feels Damien am convinced if himself can come back fall in love with Julia. "I want to sit berdua to discuss this." In the last two weeks, we meet. But nihil. I his person is quiet and Julia emotional. In fact I want to speak, his regret.

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