Due to its unique characteristic represented by the repeated shedding of its skin, the serpent was the Celtic icon of regeneration and was broadly referred as an immortal woman with the aim of came to life each time after hibernation, realize amid
a new skin. The serpent is too equally a phallic representation (it is a lot seen depicted with Cernunnos, as in the figure above) and, paradoxically, a Celtic indication of female power. It is in addition linked in addition to the amount of water.
The number of the serpent biting its tail is branded as the Ouroboros (a Greek stretch connotation 'tail-devourer') (right) and symbolised the cyclical natural world of the Universe - the Ouroboros devours its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal series of living and death, creation and destruction. This symbol, in actual fact, was adopted by the Celtic populations but is set up in various civilisations, beginning plus to of dated Egypt in 1600 B.C.

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