I’ve had a fair number of requests for more details on the recent Miami trip. One place I walked past was Miami Ink, a tattoo parlor upon which a popular TLC reality TV series is apparently based. I snapped the fuzzy pic to the right. Full disclosure requries me to state that I don’t have any tattoos, nor have I any interest in getting one. That said, I am like many of you, a social observer and this is what I’ve discovered about tattoos:
Tattoo Placement and Content
Girls have four tattoo location possibilities designated by current style:
  • Shoulder blade
  • Lower back (derisively referred to as a tramp stamp)
  • Ankle
  • Upper leg/bikini region
Girls can choose: a butterfly, heart, fairy, star, or cross. Mystical/eastern characters and scripts are also becoming popular.
For a guy, there are only two area choices:
  • Bicep (Celtic or tribal swirl), which sometimes extends up to the shoulder or down to the forearm
  • Across the top back
Popular male tattoo selections include: Chinese characters, your last name, your nickname, your girlfriend’s name, something mean (dragon), or a woman image (often not child-friendly.)

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