Currently people get a tattoo, which is cut into their skin and then perhaps colored in. Body Art is a way to self-express one’s self and there is probably no better way to make a statement about your individuality than with a personalized tattoo. In the future there will be genetic tattoos, which will keep your tattoo perfectly the same for your natural life. You will be able to get translucent skin with a deep tissue tattoo which can be a three dimensional tattoo similar to a hologram. You will be able to get any color found anywhere in nature and you can choose what you would like.

Genetic Tattoos will be available within the next couple of decades, the first ones will be used to indicate security clearances for secret government and military operations and then later these technologies will pass into the private sector thru medical transfer technologies and then into Tattoo Parlors with these specialized Genetic Tattoo machines. Dads can get the family portrait on the insides of the forearms and never need to dig into their wallet for motivation or a reminder of why they do what they do. Veterans will never forget the fallen comrades and anyone who wishes to say anything can say it permanently in style with a 3D genetic tattoo. Think on this.

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