However the amount of pain involved in getting a tattoo is contingent upon a few factors. The pain tolerance of the subject is the biggest indicator. What may be excruciating to one may sting a little to another and yet may even tickle to another. The second factor that may determine amount of pain is the location. A tattoo on the earlobe, which has more fatty tissue, will not sting as much as a design placed on the ankle, where there isn't much except skin and bone.

Assuming a majority of the fill is red, as are most devil tattoos, the repeated strokes necessary to give your design the pigment can become a little daunting. Conversely some have reported that the slight vibration felt during the application is actually quite relaxing. The devil tattoo design can be very intimidating to some because of the amount of work that needs to go into it to make it look good.

The devil tattoo was used merely to illustrate an example of extensive fill. Nevertheless the evil red horned character is a popular choice for tattoos. In some religious circles the devil is used to portray evil. In Christianity the devil is also known as Satan, and sometimes referred to as Lucifer – the bad guy who is always trying to make humankind miserable.

So does that mean that all people who get a tattoo of a devil must be devil worshippers? No, that would be a ridiculous assumption. Many merely choose a devil because their personality is a bit mischievous. Some devil depictions have nothing to do with hell and condemnation, but rather are cute cartoons. The term "you little devil" is used loosely to describe someone who is sneaky or naughty.

Here are a few devil pictures for you to take a look at. There are many different types of devil tattoos as you will see. They range from animals such as birds and fairies to cartoon characters and famous cartoons like the Tasmanian devil.

devil tattoos devil bird tattoo

taz devil tattoo fairy devil tattoos

The range of colors and designs are endless as with any other design. My favorite is the bird devil as I think its a very unique type of devil tattoo. How many people do you think will make an animal into a devil like that? It also stands out really well with its dark colors and bold outlining in dark ink. It was a great choice I believe and wins my vote for being a great tattoo.

Many devil tattoos are becoming more evil than what was created in the past. These tattoos are looked at as being 'bad' or 'wrong' to get by many. This may be the case depending on the reason why someone gets the tattoo. Someone may get this tattoo just to go against what most people believe is evil or wrong to get. If you are looking for an evil tattoo be sure to look through a directory of devil tattoos to get a great idea of what you are looking for before you get to your tattoo artist. The better idea you have of what you want the easier it will be and most likely you will like your tattoo the first time without getting any modifications.

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