Jackie OliverPeople are designing tattoos that are cute, sexy and very feminine. Women are no longer stuck getting a tradtionally thought of male tattoo design. Now they can find great quality beautiful designs that are more set for a female. Of course that does not meant that if you want a skull tattoo design or some large tribal work that you can’t get it. It just means that for women there are a lot more options out there for tattoo designs.

Placement Of The Tattoo

One of the things that can affect a tattoo design and make it thought of as cute or not is the placement. For example women tend to get tattoos ont heir foot, back of the neck, upper back, lower back (of coruse), ankle and wrist. These are generally smaller areas and the tattoos that accompany these area are typically smaller and more delicate in nature. So if you are looking for a cute tattoo design think about the placement.

Coloration Of The Tattoo

Another factor to consider in getting a feminine tattoo design is the color. Using bright colors and color combinations will make a tattoo more cute. Stay away from tattoo designs that feature a lot of black line work and instead try to find tattoo designs that feature beautiful colors. For example a butterfly tattoo with beautiful coloration of the wings might be exactly what you are looking for. Another very popular and potential cute tattoo could be a cherry blossom tattoo design. This of course will most typically feature part of the tree but more importantly it will show off those beautiful pink cherry blossoms.

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