Celtic art is a art associated among innumerable fill known as Celts; individuals who spoke the Celtic languages in Europe starting pre-history in the course of to the avant-garde period, as well as the art of very old make somewhere your home whose language is unknown, but where cultural and stylistic similarities advocate they are connected to Celts. too enclosed by the designate is Celtic resumption art starting the 18th century to the progressive era, which began as a conscious exertion by forward-looking Celts to express self-identification and nationalism.

Typically, Celtic art is ornamental, avoiding erect lines and only infrequently with symmetry, without the fake of natural world central to the classical tradition, regularly concerning intricate symbolism. Celtic art has worn a variety of styles and has exposed influences on or after new cultures in their knotwork, spirals, key patterns, lettering, zoomorphics, conceal forms and person figures.

Celtic art is a recalcitrant term to define, jacket a huge span of time, geography and cultures. A case has been complete for artistic continuity in Europe commencing the sculpture age, and in fact the preceding neolithic, age though the 'celtic' culture is in general well thought-out to arise in the Iron Age at in the environs of 1000BC. near are three "traditions" of Celtic art, the to begin with being the continental Iron age art largely connected with La Te`ne culture which draws on native, classical and (perhaps via the Mediterranean) oriental sources. The second, Iron Age art in Britain and Ireland, draws on the continental tradition as totaling distinctive regional styles. The third, the Celtic "renaissance" of the beforehand Middle Ages in Ireland and parts of Britain, is in addition called inward-looking art. This third tradition formed the basis for the art of the Celtic revitalization opening in the in the dead of night 18th century.

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